New OCDC Induction and Sign-in


As you may already be aware, we have a new process for our colocation and hosting customers accessing our data centre. This includes the following:

OCDC Induction Update.

Clients and contractors wishing to access the data centre are now required to complete our online induction and review before being granted access. This can be completed at any time, even before you have requested access. Visitors arriving at the datacentre without having completed the induction will be required to complete it onsite before access will be granted. 

This induction will need to be completed every 12 months to keep up to date with any changes at OCDC. 

Below is the link to the OCDC Induction and Induction Review. 

OCDC Induction - Access and Work Guidelines

Upon Arrival.

The new sign-in process is via an iPad located at reception. The first time a client or contractor uses this they will need to fill in details such as their name, contact number, email address, and the company whose racks they are visiting. For succeeding visits, only an email address or phone number is required. 

A notification email can be sent to a nominated email address when clients or contractors access your racks. If you would like to nominate an email address to be used for your company, please reply to this email and provide a contact email address.

Automatically using Sine Pro.

For faster sign-in, clients and contractors can install Sine Pro which allows visitors to sign in once they arrive automatically. Download a copy for you smartphone below.

If there are any other staff or contractors that may require access to your equipment at the data centre, please forward this email on to them. 

Sine Pro Free Download

Download from the App Store

Download from the Play Store