OMNIconnect's Updated Terms and Conditions.

OMNIconnect have updated our customer Terms and Conditions to version v2016.5 and have summarised the additions below.

The previous Terms and Conditions can be found here.

1. Customer Obligations.

Billing and Charges

1.9. Data is billed on the total usage in both directions unless otherwise specified in the customer service agreement.

1.10. Unless otherwise stated in the customer service agreement, excess data will be billed at the default per gigabyte rate as found in the current price book (available from your account manager).

1.11. Customer Agreements greater than 12 months may be subject to annual CPI adjustments.

Installations and Maintenance. The location of Customer premises Service Delivery Point  will be at OMNIconnect’s discretion. Additional cabling costs or Fee For Service may apply beyond this point. Commercial Works may be an additional cost required to connect a customer’s premises. Civil Works may be an additional cost to build network infrastructure to a customer’s premises. In order to access racks at OCDC, the customer (or agent of the customer) must agree to the OCDC Entry and Work Guidelines (available at Cabling between racks, must be approved or supplied by OMNIconnect. Waste disposal will be the customer’s responsibility, but may request OMNIconnect to dispose of rubbish with dispose fee. Temporary storage may be arranged at OCDC for equipment prior to installation. Storage charges may apply for equipment stored beyond 14 days. Mailboxes that have been unused for 12 months will be removed from OMNIconnect mail servers. Domain names that have expired will be removed from OMNIconnect name servers. Escorted data centre access, support for customer equipment (beyond remote hands) located within the OMNIconnect Data Centre (OCDC) or support of equipment/service outside of the OCDC, may incur charges for each 30-minute block or part thereof. Please email your account manager or the OMNIconnect support team for these prices. Escorted access to the OCDC can be arranged via phone at any time by calling the 24x7 NOC number provided to you in your agreement. An appointment is required at least 60 minutes prior to arrival.

2. Term.

2.3. At OMNIconnect’s discretion, the Customer may negotiate to re-contract at during the Term.

2.4. Pricing changes mayv affect customers no longer under contract.

2.8. OMNIconnect reserves the right to terminate the contract after the contract term but will provide a minimum of 30 days notice before termination.6.1.7 The

6. Service Terms and Conditions.

6.1.7. The Customer agrees to receive occasional communication (in the form of email, text, social media) from OMNIconnect.

If you have any concerns about how these changes affect you, feel free to contact us via email at