When you do major changes such as upgrading your kernel you might want an easy way to rollback any changes you make.

You can create a snapshot of your VPS which exists for 48 hours allowing you to easily roll back your VPS to when the SnapShot was taken.

To create a SnapShot

  1. Login to the https://portal.controlmyvps.com.au using your email address and password
  2. Click on 'VPS Management'
  3. Select the desired VPS from the drop down list box and wait for it to load
  4. In the 'Snapshot' window choose to 'Create Snapshot' (note you can only have one snapshot, so if you already have one you will need to delete it first).
  5. If you want to roll back your VPS to when the snapshot was taken choose 'Restore Snapshot'.

Note: If you restore a snapshot it will roll back your VPS to the state it was when the snapshot was taken, this action is irreversible.