1)  Where is our data located/stored?
Right here at OCDC, Carrum Downs Melbourne Victoria.  We do not store your data off-shore with any 3rd parties.

2)  Who has access to our website data?
Yourselves, and any system's administrators who are involved in maintenance of the hosting platform that your data is on. 

3)  How often is the data backed up, and what happens in the event of a data breach? 
Backups are taken 3 times a week and we keep 5 copies.  An additional backup happens twice a month and this backup is kept for 4 months (8 copies)  Additionally, you are able to make and download your own copy of your website at any stage via the cPanel interface.
If a data breach occurs, any affected sites are taken offline for analysis of cause and effect. The affected customers are notified and given the opportunity to recover/restore their data and patch any web pages as needed.

4)  What happens to the data if our business relationship ends?
If you decide to leave, your account is deactivated for 14 days then your data (including backups) is deleted.  This gives you the opportunity to revert quickly if things do not go to plan.