Some users call Support because their mailbox is full and they are no longer receiving new messages. 

This usually happens when users are using IMAP (where email is left on the mail server) and over time their storage limit is reached. 

IMAP is an excellent way to keep email across multiple devices in sync, but if you fill up your mailbox on the server and can't upgrade the mailbox size, it may be time to follow these steps. 

  1. Empty your folders. You can do this via your local email program, or via our webmail at: You might need to empty [Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash] folder.
  2. Archive your mail. Archiving mail removes mail from the mail server and stores it on your local computer, and therefore recovers space on the mail server. As email programs differ on how to do this, just google "How to archive mail on [insert your mail program here]". This should return instructions on how to archive your mail for the program you use. If you are using Apple Mail, follow these instructions: How to Archive Mail on Apple Mail.
  3. Compact your folders.  IMAP does not necessarily delete your emails - your mail client may be configured to 'mark' it as deleted - and hide it from you.  It's still there just-in-case.  Your mail client will let you 'compact' or 'purge' your folders and remove these hidden deleted messages.  On the Webmail interface, there is a gear wheel in the lower left corner which allows you to perform this function.