Updated Sep 18, 2017

OMNIconnect Data Centre (OCDC) provides state of the art data centre facilities to a number of clients. The purpose of this document is to provide a safe work area for both clients and staff, ensuring the security and integrity of clients' hardware and data. 

All visitors and clients are required to read and comprehend this document as part of their induction to OCDC and complete the online Induction Review.


During their first visit to the data centre, visitors and new staff are to become familiar with: 

  • security and lighting of the data centre suite 
  • location of emergency exits 
  • location and type of fire extinguishers fitted 
  • location of non-essential power points that are able to be used for laptops etc


The safety of all visitors and clients is paramount to OMNIconnect. Therefore the following OH&S points are to be observed whilst on-site:

Restricted Areas

Access to any area outside of the data suites and lobby (including power/generator facilities, air conditioning equipment and non-ionising radiation devices) requires written permission and proof of applicable certification (such as a white/red card) for each person seeking access.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of a fire or other emergency, you will be directed by an OCDC staff member to leave the data centre immediately and assemble at the designated assembly point in the park opposite the facility.

Manual Handling

Lifting and installing of heavy equipment requires that the task be assessed for incumbent risks and reasonable steps taken to eliminate the identified risks.


Smoking is not permitted within the grounds of Omniconnect or any of the company’s sites.


Unauthorised consumption of alcohol within Omniconnect grounds is not permitted and offenders will be escorted off-site.


Appropriate footwear is to be worn whilst on-site.

Personal Protective Equipment

Clients are required to assess the work that they are to perform and provide the necessary PPE for the task at hand. This includes face masks if required at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


  • Packaging materials are not to be stored in the data suite. All unpacking of computer equipment is to be done prior to entering the data suite. 
  • A trolley is available for moving equipment into the data suite. 
  • Equipment such as extension leads, monitors, laptops etc are not to be left in the data suite floor for longer than required for the job at hand.
  • Rack doors are to be secured following work or during times when the rack is unattended. 

Entering the Data Centre

Authorised Contacts for Escorted Access

Escorted Access can be booked via the NEW online booking form.

Only Authorised Personnel on the Access Contact List can arrange escorted access. The full name of the authorised visitor, the company they are representing, date and time of visit will also need to be recorded with OCDC staff via our support email prior to arrival. 

If installation or uninstallation of a server or servers is to take place during the visit, this MUST be stated in the support email.

Additionally, please include the specific racks that are to be accessed, and OCDC staff will escort and open the required racks.

Additional authorised personnel can be added to the access list by any member on the current contact list notifying OCDC staff via email to support@omniconnect.com.au.

Normal Access Hours

Access to the data centre between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays), with a minimum of 30 minutes notice, does not attract a charge. Fees will apply where no notice is given during these times.

After Hours Access

Access to the data centre outside the normal access times will attract a call-out fee and an hourly charge. Fees also apply for public holiday access.

Extended access of the OCDC beyond 5:30 pm on weekdays will incur after-hours access fees. After hours critical access can be arranged via the 24x7 NOC number provided to you by your account manager. An appointment is required at least 30 minutes prior to arrival during business hours, and 60 minutes prior to arrival outside business hours.

Remote Hands

Complimentary remote eyes and remote hands are defined as a check and relaying to the customer of the status of the physical equipment, lights showing, screen display, and reboot as requested by the customer, during business hours. Requests beyond these defined actions are deemed as chargeable technical support.

Sign in

All visitors to OCDC data suites will require to sign in on arrival.  All visitors and clients will be escorted whilst on the premises.

Deliveries and Storage

If goods are being delivered to OCDC, please coordinate this with our support team 48 hours in advance of their arrival at the site by logging a support ticket by emailing support@omniconnect.com.au with the details of the delivery. 

Please ship to: 

[Hosting Client/Tenant  Name]
14 Elite Way
Carrum Downs
VIC 3201

1300 662 457

OCDC will take delivery of the goods and store in our warehouse until required. Fees are applicable.

If storage is required beyond one week, OCDC can provide medium-term pallet rental. 

General Expectations For Hosting Customers.

Installing Equipment in Racks

When installing new servers, switches or other devices please note the following:

  • Installation/uninstallation of servers must be advised in advance of the scheduled works via our support email.

  • Only install equipment in allocated space. Equipment found outside the space allocation will be charged at 2x 'excess' rack rates.

  • The total power usage of installed equipment must be less than your rack space power limit. Power beyond the power limit will be charged at 2x 'excess' power rates. 
  • Equipment is never to be installed that vents from back to front, blowing from the hot aisle (back of the rack) into the cold aisle (front of the rack). 
  • Equipment should only be mounted at the front of the rack unless specifically authorised to do so. This includes not mounting switches and firewalls to the rear rails.
  • When installing cables, run cables at the side of the rack (between the vertical rail and rack side wall) instead of through the centre of the rack.   
  • Only access areas and racks you are specifically authorised for, not interfering with other client's equipment.
  • Keep cabling neat and tidy. 
  • Use blanking plates (available on request) to fill empty rack units to prevent hot air from the hot aisle mixing with cool air in the cool aisle.
  • Use only rack PDUs. Do not use domestic style power boards. 

Rack 'Hygiene'

  • Leave rack doors closed when not working within the rack 
  • Leave aisles clear and unobstructed 
  • Leave area tidy and dispose of any rubbish 
  • No smoking on the premises
  • No food or beverages in the data suites
  • No photographic or recording equipment of any kind (other than tape back-up equipment) without permission


While working at the data centre, OCDC staff can be contacted using one of the marked bells located throughout the data centre. If technical help may be required during your visit (such as help installing equipment in racks, or modifying routing etc), please request this when making the booking for access. 

Disposal of Rubbish

Any rubbish will need to be taken off-site. However, if a large amount of waste is expected from packaging, etc. please inform OCDC ahead of time so arrangements can be made for disposal. 

Depending on the amount of waste, this may incur a disposal fee.

Power Requirements

Please use only rack-mounted power distribution units. Before installing and commissioning new server hardware, please contact OCDC to discuss your power requirements to ensure the rack is not overloaded. As a general rule, we endeavour to keep rack power usage below 80% of the rack capacity before recommending to upgrade to a higher capacity rack.


If a client believes there is a fault with a piece of data centre infrastructure, they should report the fault to OCDC immediately.

Where faults arise from work being carried out in the data centre, the client is to report the fault to the affected party and OCDC.